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Not that I believe anyone will ever read this- but if you do- I am attempting to document my hopes to turn an attempt at reselling items and cutting back on excessive spending into clearing my debt. I do realize reselling is not the ideal route to go, but the only feasible option with daily obligations. My initial goal is to clear the debt, and have 5k in savings. This won’t just be listing random items that no one cares about- I’d love any ideas that could help! 

Let the great experiement begin!

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Look at this on eBay

Look at this on eBay
Beautiful Red Jawbone Big JAMBOX. Brand new! Retails for $300!


Stuff is actually moving around the ebay store. Check it out

I always will try to add decent stuff daily. I don’t plan to get rich off of thrifting but maybe it will be a start!

Spaten time

I found this Spaten wall medallion this week and I’m not entirely sure what to think of it – nor am I entirely sure what it is. But either way let’s try and resell it!


Vintage Spiderman Comics

Cleaning out some oldies but goodies. I will never read these comics again so lets see if we can find them a new home!

another day…

Well so far everything I picked up to keep track of on here is steadily gaining views but no takers. Some of the smaller things and other random stuff I have has been going decently. Making a dent slowly but surely…

Norman Rockwell Puzzle

While typing the title for this, autocorrect decided puzzle should be pizzle. Says a lot about me! 

Found a nearly untouched complete Rockwell Saturday Evening Post puzzle. I do like this one. 

A goth board game?

i pretty much had to pick this one up. Turns out it hadn’t even been played! Anything better than a $12 return is a big win towards the goal.

#goth #games

Goal: Step One

First item listed towards goal:

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 3d puzzle. Not a bad find for 2.99. Now to see what it brings back!

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